Writing a personal mission statement.

What Is A Personal Mission Statement?

A personal mission statement is a document that explains an author, their goals and purposes in life, and their aim to pursue their dreams. It explains why a person chose a certain plan and why it is important to them. A quality mission statement should describe the author’s skills and experience, their way of life, and their passions in life. It's all taking about yourself but on paper. The statement helps remind you about your long-life dreams. It motivates one to stay focused and reminds them why they need to succeed.

Most people fail to make it in life because they lack a guide to help them stay on track. Many successful people always advise people to write your mission to encourage them to chase their dreams. When writing the statement, one needs to do a lot of digging about themselves. They need to understand themselves on a deeper level.

How does one write a good personal mission statement?

  • Research

A person needs to learn a lot about themselves and why they are chasing their dreams. Try to understand your goals and why it is important for you to achieve them. A person needs to develop a few questions that they could use to answer in the document. One should understand that the mission statement helps them learn more about themselves. Writing a mission statement is a way for a person to start living their dreams. To understand yourself even better, you could use your mentor. A person who you look up to and would want to be like. Examine how they chase their dreams and what kind of personality they have. That way, you easily understand who you are as a person.

  • Make a draft

You don’t have to start writing a draft in order, but you could easily not down things like your goals, your name, who you look up to, why is it necessary to achieve your goals, what is your personality, what steps you are taking to achieve your goals, at what age do you want to be successful? A draft helps you organize your thoughts because a person can write many drafts before they settle on the final document.

  • Start actual writing

You could use your previous drafts to arrange your final product. A mission paragraph cannot be more than 50 words or a section. Make sure your final draft captures everything about you: your personal information and your missions in life. You could also write a motivating sentence that you could read every time you return to your mission statement.

  • Proofread

To pick out the errors on your mission statement, read it through once in a while. You could upload it to an editing site to make sure it is error-free.

  • Review the mission statement.

Over time you may change your goals in life. It is therefore advised to review your previous mission statements after a while. Consider changing a few things that you feel you have changed.

You need to know the reason why you are writing a mission statement. Then with the tips provided, you could start preparing and writing.