Steps to Help You Write A Better Cover Letter

Is A Cover Letter Important?

Did you know that even the most qualified job applicant who has all the relevant qualifications finds it hard to write a cover letter? So, stop beating yourself too much. Everyone struggles when it comes to writing a cover letter. Seeking out cover letter tips is a wise choice for a hardworking job applicant. Whenever applying for a job, your cover letter matters, and yes, you always need to include it. Here is must-follow advice to make a compelling cover letter writing easier to understand.

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

First of all, make it easy to flip through, matching it with your resume. It doesn't matter how

beautifully you write, no matter how eye-catching your statement is, an ugly-looking cover

letter will never get attention. Follow these steps to make sure yours is readable and


  • Font 

Keep in mind business letters should have a conservative look in general.

  1. Margins 


The font styles, sizes, and colors you choose should match the ones you pick for your

resume maintaining a professional look.

  1. Keep it a single sheet.

Hiring managers are ever busy, so make it easy for them. They will fail to read a multi-

page cover letter. Lengthy words also give a negative impression, like ambiguous and,

therefore, an unfit candidate. Keep yours one page without filling it.

  1. Consider the company policy.

Each company has a unique preference for how they would like a cover letter to be. Therefore, look through the company policy and identify the unique styles they prefer.

  1. Indicate your awareness of the company

In doing this, your cover letter will be compelling and rank you as an engaging candidate.

  1. Be creative

Always compose an exciting introduction, be creative, passionate, and focused

  1. Describe your competence in detail

Always ensure that you give a well-laid out and detailed explanations of your qualifications and experiences. It would be best if you stood out to get the job. Hence, explain clearly how your work experience will improve and help solve the company issues

  1. Request for an interview.

Always tell the hiring executive to contact you directly and provide your contact information, email address, and current phone number.

  1. Sign-off 

This should be done using professional salutations, for example, Regards, Respectfully.

Add a real handwritten signature.

Things to Avoid in Your Cover Letters 

  1. Unnecessary salutations

Keep off lazy salutations like “to whom it may concern, Dear Sir or Madam, among others.” Avoiding these statements will separate you from other boring job seekers. Always ensure you address your letter to a real person.

  1. Overconfidence

Expressing too much confidence because of your qualifications may appear to be arrogant. The arrogant tone is something you should keep off. You are applying for a job because you believe you have the needed skills and efforts to get the job done.

  1. Avoid repetition

 Do not repeat what is described in your resume in your cover letter. The cover letter should atouch on things briefly, to attract the recruiter into going through your resume and possibly consider you for a job.