How do I write a good resume and cover letter?

Is There a Difference Between a Resume and a Cover Letter?

When writing a resume and a cover letter, you must ensure they both stand out. There may be a lot of people competing for the same job as you. A good resume and cover letter might not necessarily help you get that job, but it will help win an interview. Both are common in that they help you get that job. However, you need to understand the information that should be in each of the two. When your potential employer is going through these documents, they shouldn't feel like they are reading the same document.

They should both be uniquely different. In some rare cases, employers do not ask you to include the cover letter. Either way, you must make sure you have it.

The difference between the two is that the resume shows in all your work experiences, education, skills, and knowledge in detail. This will help the employer to understand your value and how you could bring the same onboard. On the other hand, a cover letter is a short description with a few paragraphs. It shows your qualification concerning the job you are applying for. 

How to Write a Resume

Below is a step by step guide on how to write a resume that will land you that job position.

  • Select the right resume format from standard templates. 

When writing a resume, select a resume template that you will use to put down your information. The commonly used format is the chronological format.

  1. Contact information and personal data

Some information should never be left out in a resume. For example, your name, telephone number, email address, and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Resume statement

Applies when you are writing a resume with experience. Is where you summarize your skills and acquired knowledge during your past work experiences.

  1. Work Experience 

List your work experience, including job titles, company names, when, responsibilities, and achievements.

  1. Education background

In this step, you put your education from the highest of your achievement first.

  1. Proofreading and saving your resume.

Ensure you g through your work, double-check to be safe. Once the resume is perfect, save it as pdf, and send it where you are required to send. 

How to Write a Cover Letter

To write an effective cover letter, follow below simple steps:

  1. Name, date and address

Write your name recipients name and address on the left side of the page. Include the date below your address.

  1. Opening statement

This is an introduction to show your interest in the job. Include the job position.

  1. Background paragraph 

The second paragraph of your letter should include your work history and background. Ensure you are specific about your achievements, skills, and knowledge.

  1. Why you are qualified for the job

Your third paragraph is where you convince your potential employer on how you are qualified for the job.

  1. Conclusion

This is the last paragraph. Conclude with why you are qualified for the job. Express your enthusiasm to hear back from them. Keep it brief.

  1. Signature

End your letter with a signature on the left side of the page. Your signature should be after the closing line. Be straightforward with the closing line by using the formal lines.